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Natural Wood Flooring in Bayport NY 11705

In the home, there’s no substitute for wood flooring. The rich grain developed over decades of tree growth connects the interior of the home to nature, the seasons, and life. If properly cared for, it can also be incredibly durable, carrying the sheen through generations of wear and tear. Try these tips to keep it looking good for years to come.

Protect the Threshold

Much of the damage that’s done to wood flooring is caused by grit Natural Wood Flooring Bayport NY 11705 tracked in from outside. Use a small area rug at the entrance and back door of the home to cut down on unwanted shoe dirt. Alternately, take it up a level and have people remove their shoes before they enter to ensure that nothing is tracked in. In all cases, don’t allow someone to walk on it in high heels or sports cleats.

Avoid Water

If water is allowed to pool on floors, it can cause discoloration Bayport NY 11705 and, in extreme cases, rot. Wipe up any spills immediately with a dry rag. When cleaning, do not ever use a wet mop or a steam mop as these can dull the finish and damage the material. Instead, use a broom or a dust mop for everyday cleaning.

Add Felt Pads Under Furniture

Heavy furniture like chairs, couches, and beds can scratch up the finish and leave noticeable gouges. Over time, the marks can be especially noticeable Natural Wood Flooring Bayport NY 11705 so that if the furniture in the home is rearranged it will be painfully obvious where the furniture used to be. Go to any hardware or furniture store and buy felt protector pads to attach to the feet. This will prevent scuff marks and make the furniture easier to move if needed.

Mind the Gap

During the winter, the organic material contracts as the cold weather reduces the space between water molecules. This can leave gaps between Bayport NY 11705 the boards that not only compromise the integrity of the floor but also let in drafts of cold air. Use a humidifier to reduce condensation. Set it to anywhere between 35% and 55% to maintain optimal humidity.

Long-Term Protection

To truly prolong the life of wood flooring, additional maintenance is required. Inevitably, there will be some damage that you can’t prevent, and that damage will build up over the years. Apply a coat of wood finish every Bayport NY 11705 3 to 5 years to restore the lustrous finish and smooth out any deep gouges that cut below the wood stain. Every 15 to 20 years, do a complete sanding and refinishing to bring the grain of wood flooring back to the surface.

Use these tips to make sure your wood flooring lasts as long as your house.

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